PGC Mindanao

PGC Mindanao - The First And One of Its Kind Omics Facility in Mindanao​​

Since 2021, through the National biosurveillance efforts of the UP-PGC in UP Diliman, PGC Mindanao, in collaboration with the DOH and the Southern Philippines Medical Center are working to sequence the genomes of different variations of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes the illness COVID-19, that are circulating in Mindanao.

To date, the center has sequenced 2,374 samples. Our goal is to understand how the virus is evolving as it spreads and how well containment efforts are working.

So, by looking at the genomic sequence of the virus causing COVID-19 in a particular person’s sample, you can begin to understand how the virus is spreading because the genomic sequence looks a little different as the virus mutates and spreads in different geographic areas.


Philippine Genome Center (PGC) Mindanao creates an avenue for the scientific community in Mindanao to be immersed in research and development in the field of omics. 

PGC Mindanao has initiated capacity-building activities, other research collaborations, non-research partnerships, or extension efforts, and rendered laboratory and bioinformatic services, reaching more than 3000 individuals and 700 institutions.  

PGC Mindanao team during the Region 13 Caravan at the Philippine Science High School Caraga Region Campus in November 2022. 

                                   We  are located at the College of Science and Mathematics, University of the Philippines Mindanao. 

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