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Bioinformatics Workshop

The Bioinformatics Division of PGC Mindanao held on July 21, 2021, a Bioinformatics Workshop via zoom as a pre-convention event during the PSM’s 8th Asia Pacific Biotechnology Conference and 50th Annual Convention and Scientific Meeting.

The workshop covered lectures and hands-on training on Introduction to Bioinformatics, Workflow Overview, Quality Control, and Assembly, Sequence Alignment, and Phylogenetic Analysis.

Trainers of the workshop were Philippine Genome Center Mindanao staff headed by the Bioinformatics Divison staff composed of Dr. Ritchie Mae Gamot, Dr. Giovanna Fae Oguis with PGC Mindanao Program Director, Dr. Lyre Anni Murao; Paul Lorenzo Gaite, Michael Bacus, Jan Divina, and Christian Labrador as lead trainers.

Also present during the workshop was PGC Executive Director, Dr. Cynthia Saloma who gave her closing remarks.

One of the participants during the workshop was Ms. Shaina Lou Palar, an alumna of UP Mindanao shares her experience during the training with PGC Mindanao. Ms. Palar expressed her gratitude to the PGC Mindanao team for all the learnings that she can use in her graduate studies.

The training was successfully delivered and was attended by PSM members.

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