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COVID-19 Molecular Laboratory Training

From June 2020 to June 2021, PGC Mindanao has trained 25  batches of Two (2) – day Hands-On COVID-19 Molecular Biology Training.

Training structure:

DAY 1 – Pipetting Drills

              Biosafety and Nucleic Acid Extraction Review

              Hands-on RNA Extraction

DAY 2 – RT-PCR Review

              Demo on Reagent preparation and template addition                          

             Hands-on Reagent prep and template addition

             Interpretation of results and troubleshooting 


DAY 3 – Shadowing at SPMC (optional)

PGC Mindanao has developed a SARS-COV-2 Training Module which was used during the training.
Ms. Ophalyn Pangilan, medical technologist from Davao City Health Office shares her experience during the training on SARS-CoV2 with PGC Mindanao.

Ms. Pangilan expressed her gratitude to the PGC Mindanao team for all the learnings that she can use to contribute as frontliner during this pandemic.

The UP network has come up with a UP TRAINS Program to assist the Department of Health (Philippines) in COVID-19 training by streamlining all training initiatives in the entire system, with UP National Institutes Of Health (NIH) and Philippine Genome Center (PGC) as the training arms.

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