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Happy Birthday, Dr. Murao!

A visionary leader, a great mentor, and a dear friend. PGC Mindanao wishes you a long and prosperous life ahead, Doc Lyre 🌺🌺🌺

Lyre Murao is the 6th Chancellor of the University of the Philippines Mindanao, a technical expert in PGC Mindanao, and its former Program Director from 2019-20221

Dr. Murao is a professor at the University of the Philippines Mindanao who spends half the time teaching and half on research, both of which she loves. She teaches subjects related to anything of the micro-scale- from molecules to microbes and cells- but  goes hunting for nasty zoonotic viruses when outside the classroom. Her love for minute things started with her undergraduate degree in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology at UP Diliman, which eventually specialized into molecular virus research during her graduate studies at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, USA and Nagasaki University, Japan. She then continued to work on antiviral drug discovery and development as a Marie Curie Fellow under the EUVIRNA program at Okapi Sciences, Belgium (currently known as ViroVet). In 2014, she grabbed the opportunity to return to the Philippines through the UP Balik PhD Program, though which she started establishing inter-disciplinary research teams and collaborations.

Happy Birthday, Doc Lyre! We appreciate having someone wonderful like you in PGC Mindanao!

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