services and equipment


01. Sample Preparation

1.1. Tissue Homogenization
1.2. Nucleic acid and Protein Extraction
1.3. Amplicon Purification
1.4. Next-generation sequencing Library Preparation

02. Spectrophotometry

2.1. Nucleic acid Concentration and Purity
2.2. Total Protein Quantification
2.3. Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA)
2.4. Reducing Sugar Analysis (Dinitrosalicylic acid Test)
2.5. Total Phenolic Content Analysis (Folin-Ciocalteu Method)
2.6. Radical Scavenging Activity Assay (DPPH)

03. Fluorometry

3.1. Total DNA/RNA/Protein Quantification

04. Polymerase Chain Reaction

4.1. End-point PCR
4.2. Quantitative real-time PCRb

05. Electrophoresis

5.1. Agarose gel electrophoresis (AGE)
5.2. 1D gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE)
5.3. 1D gel electrophoresis staining (Coomasie blue)
5.4. Western blotting
5.5. 2D gel electrophoresis

06. Flow Cytometry

6.1. Direct FACS (flourophore-conjugated primary antibody, e.g. RPE, FITC, Alexa Fluor)c


Our ASF Virus Initiative

Laboratory Facility Rental
Routine nucleic acid workflow

includes: autoclave, universal centrifuge, refrigerated centrifuge, thermal cycler, water bath, gel documentation system, ice maker, spectrophotometer, biofreezer (-80°C), and freezer (-20°C)

2. Café-type Workstation Rental


Custom Analysis

Data Access With Storage (DAWS)
Data Access Without Storage (DAWOS)


Our ASF Virus Initiative

1. Laboratory Equipment Rental 

1.1. Spectrophotometer
1.2. Flow Cytometer
1.3. Quantitative Real-time PCR
1.4. Fluorometer
1.5. Gradient End-point PCR
1.6. Tissue Homogenizer
1.7. Tissue Sonicator
1.8. Refrigerated centrifuge
1.9. Centrifuge, Microfuge            2.0. MinION Sequencer

2. Sample Storage Rental

2.1. -20°C Freezer
2.2. -80°C Freezer
3. Bioinformatics Server Rental
2.1. Data Access with Storage (DAWS) e
2.2. Data Access without Storage (DAWOS)

Our ASF Virus Initiative
  1. Short Training Course on Molecular Biology
  2. Molecular Biology Training for SHS Teachers and Student
  3. Molecular Diagnostics Training
  4. Molecular Biology Training for College Faculty
  5. Research Training
  6. Nanopore Sequencing Training
  7. 1-Day Lecture based Training                                     
  8. Bioinformatics (10 pax)
    8.1. With access to server (TEWAS)
    8.2. Without access to server (TEWOAS)


The advanced equipment of PGC Mindanao are housed temporarily in the different laboratories of CSM: Biotechnology, Molecular Biology and Extraction Laboratory.


With the recent establishment of Philippine Genome Center Mindanao through a seed funding worth P40 million equipment from the Department of Science and Technology-Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (DOST-PCHRD), omics research is now within closer reach to the Mindanao community and intends to be a catalyst for growth and development in the Island.