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PGC Mindanao consists of four (4) divisions with specific tasks to realize the goals of the institution.

pgc mindanao divisions

Research and Development

pgc mindanao divisions


Provide big data analysis using multi-core and multiram servers.

  • Genome Assembly
  • RNA-seq
  • QTL Analysis
  • Linux and Pert
  • R Training
pgc mindanao divisions

Science Education and Training

  • Provide training camp to learn basic molecular biology techniques (DNA extraction, PCR, phylogenetic analysis, etc.)
  • Provide actual research experience to undergraduate students who have plans to pursue course related to molecular biology and bioinformatics
pgc mindanao divisions

Omics Laboratory Services

  • Provide equipment for genomic researches and service on processing of samples from various sources (plant, animal, bacterial, fungi, etc.) using molecular biology techniques and workflows.