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The Philippine Genome Center


PGC is a multidisciplinary institution combining basic and applied research for the development of health and therapeutic products, and improved agriculture and aquatic resources.


With the establishment of the Satellite Facility, Mindanao can soon have a taste or various flavors of omics research work.

Vision 2025

“To be the premier institution on translational multi-omics research and services in the country that is responsive to the needs of the Filipinos and the society by 2025.”


“The Philippine Genome Center is the country’s leading institution for omics-driven technologies and customized services for the Filipino and the environment. We emphasize training, embrace diversity and inclusivity while providing growth opportunities to our scientists, collaborators, and partners. We commit to the highest level of ethical standards on institutional governance and financial management of allocated resources. We contribute to the macroeconomic growth of the country by continuously seeking new knowledge of and innovations in the field of multi-omics sciences.”

Genomics deals with capitalizing on whole genome sequences which can be used as a framework for the improvement and development of new sources of medicines, effective antibiotics and vaccines, and improvement of crop and livestock. Ultimately, genomics techniques unveil the untapped potentials of various endemic plants, animals and microorganisms.

With such as its foundation, the Philippine Genome Center (PGC) was established to explore the science, and techniques involved in genomics that can benefit Filipinos

PGC has been at the forefront of omics research in the Philippines, with very promising projects already implemented such as the “Lab-in-a-Mug” Project, a portable diagnostic device for infectious diseases. Genetic markers associated with conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer are also being explored through various projects. In agriculture, genome sequencing of several crops such as coconut, saba, coffee, sugarcane, abaca, and pili has been initiated in aid of molecular fingerprinting and breeding.

Philippine Genome Center

PGC provides a full range of DNA Sequencing services from high throughput capillary sequencing to medium and high throughput Next Generation Sequencing, including nucleic acid extraction, quantification, and library preparation.

Moreover, it also offers Bioinformatics Services from scripting to full project workflows, data processing and analytical services. They also provide high-performance computing servers for data analysis.

With the establishment of the Philippine Genome Center Mindanao, the island can soon have a taste of those types of research work and services.


PGC Mindanao was established in 2019 through a seed funding from the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) – Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD) to embark researchers, teachers, and students in Mindanao on an exploration in the world of omics.

It was set in motion with the project Establishment of PGC Mindanao Genomics Consortium Facility. This will establish a genomics facility linking various public and private stakeholders to support research advancement in Mindanao; capacitate Mindanao-based researchers and students on genomics research through trainings and internship programs; and provide Diagnostic, Laboratory, and Bioinformatics services

Philippine Genome Center

To cater to the cutting-edge molecular work needed in genomics research, PGC Mindanao has proposed to establish a molecular biology laboratory in the Research, Development, and Extension Building, College of Science and Mathematics situated in UP Mindanao. This will not only bolster research capacity and output of UP Mindanao but, more importantly, make omics work more accessible to Mindanao researchers.